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Why is it important to know the basic principles of coding? 

As we all know, Digital marketing consists of many things. However, it’s worth pointing out that one of the most important areas that’s overlooked at times is coding. What we should know is that coding isn’t particularly an essential skill in Digital Marketing, however, could be extremely important. While many choose to pay for external help to deal with any enquiries in relation to coding, some Digital Marketers have chosen to take matters in their own hands by learning the principals of coding which is always an advantage and should be an aim for all of us.


Coding can be defined as ‘how we communicate with computers. By learning to write code, you’re able to tell computers what to do or how to behave. Knowing coding, allows you to build websites and apps as well as knowing how to process complex data. 

Why is it important to learn how to code?

As Digital Marketer, it’s important to understand what makes things work (i.e. apps, websites, emails etc). The most important thing to learn is not necessarily the code but the tools your designers are using. Having coding knowledge allows you to brief web designers and developers better as you’re able to provide suggestions on how to improve a process as well as suggest ways on how to correct wrongs if there’s any.


Another reason to know coding could be just for the simple fact of being independent and sorting out minor issues such as resizing images and embedding videos. Whilst we may not have the ability to understand the complexity of coding, it’s still worth knowing techniques that would allow you to solve small issues rather than calling for help. This also saves you budget and time as you wouldn’t need to seek for external help.


With this in mind, knowing when to realise where your skill set stops and require further help is important as you don’t want to make changes that could jeopardise a campaign. Designers and Web developers have different skillsets than marketers. While we may have an eye for design, implementing them would depend on others (being web designers and developers).


Overall, we can conclude that as marketers, coding is really important to understand and learn (although not required). Knowing how things work technically gives you an advantage when it comes to dealing with minor issues, knowing what to look out for when issues arise and knowing when the right help is being provided if seeking help externally for complex matters. 

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