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Google Updates - About This Result

James Robins, 14/10/2021

Google have been testing a “About This Result” feature and beta testing has hit the UK. You may noticed when you do a Google search, every now and again you may receive information “about this result”. You will find its useful features and how this will help marketeers with their content marketing and SEO strategies on this article.

The new Beta testing delivers valuable insights and may help improve your website SEO with some useful tips. The "About This Result" pop up brings fascinating insights into:

The Benefits Of Being Number One

When you're topped ranked for a keyword and the "About This Result" pop up in enabled, you may be able to receive even more clicks than if you're second, third or fourth place. Giving you extra benefits for actually ranking number 1 for keywords. See the example of the "About This Result" in action be;p

Keywords That Have Been Used In The Search

This will feature the keywords that the user has searched for.

Related Search Terms

The most important feature, and key for content writing and SEO, is that there is a section about related keywords to this result. This lists what related keywords can be used to help rank well for your search term. Fantastic for content writing… if you’re not using the related keywords in your content, you may want to start think about adding them!

Or you can use these related keywords for other landing pages to rank well for, which may be lower for competition - additional research will of course be needed to clarify and should form part of your SEO/Content strategy.

It’s not evident yet on how often the “About This Result” feature appears and the keyword types these are linked to. For now, it looks

like it could be linked to "information type" queries – which is a great opportunity for bloggers. It’ll be interesting to see how this links to voice-controlled virtual assistants in the future – i.e Alexa or Google’s equivalent, Google Nest.

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