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2021 and 2022 Digital Marketing Trends

James Robins, 09/12/2021

Throughout 2021 the world of marketing has changed and adapted when it needed to the most. New trends have been introduced and old trends have faded but we’ve put together some of the top digital marketing trends this year and what you should be taking into 2022.

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Bbntimes have put their thoughts on what they believe is trending right now! Not only has digital marketing adapted its technologies in 2021, but it’s also been

crucially important to adapt to current affairs. Climate change and diversity have been hot topics in 2021 and will be important for businesses to adapt as

we move into 2022. Diversity and Inclusivity has also become a very important part of marketing for the customers – they want to know that brands care about

their specific interests and needs not a generalised idea. With numerous lockdowns introducing the world to the beauty of Virtual Events, some may have been hoping they were the thing of the past, but the reality is they’re here to stay. With virtual events becoming more prominent and showing anything from live streams to virtual art gallery shows. The opportunities have become endless.

Brian McNeil-Smith (Director of EasyPromos) quotes “2022 will be a year of challenges for marketing professionals”. In an article published on LinkedIn he goes into detail of how we should prepare for a “cookieless world”, how relational marketing will be the “order of the day” and also predicts the rise of Tick Tock and Gamification in 2022. A must-read for marketers so we’re aware of new opportunities as the world of marketing evolves and we’re prepared for changes to come, in particular to changes to privacy and data. Both Google and Facebook have been updated their privacy policies and pixel requirements in 2021 and this isn’t going to change in 2022 and we head towards a “pixel-less world”. Setting up pixels on your website so you can setup your own custom audiences in 2022 will be important so you can build “look-a-like” audiences or enhance your remarketing across channels as the pixel world evolves.

Adwords is continuing to develop its automation with changes to how we target “phased” and “broad” match in 2021, and further changes are being made to responsive and dynamic ads in the first quarter of 2022. The Search Engine Journal goes into detail of these changes and how marketers can take control of their advertising in a more “Adwords automated world”. Plus other PPC trends to be aware of next year.

Finally, with a lot of changes to data, privacy and cookies being very apparent in 2022, it’s easy to forget that we should continue to remember the basics for our website. have compiled a list of thirty website design trends they believe will be great for 2022, including:

  • Bold Colour
  • Website Load Time and Page Speed
  • Smart Content Load       
  • Personalised Content

Progressive Lead Nurturing Forms It might be good to have a sense check of your website to ensure you’re up to date with current trends, an article put together by will definitely help you with that!

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