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Marketing “On The Go”

James Robins 24/09/2021

Marketing these days is no longer a 9-5 business, particularly with the growth of digital marketing. As marketers, you should be always asking yourself, when is the best time to target my audience? What digital channels should I be using? What channels haven’t I used before which could give me more reach? Digital marketing in 2021 is an always on strategy and there are some great tools out there to ensure that you can keep on top of your marketing campaigns “on the go”. No longer are we operating our marketing campaigns on a computer. Times are changing and there are some really good “on the go” apps you can use to keep on top of your campaigns.

Ads – Facebook

You might think this is an obvious one but I wonder how many have actually downloaded the app and manage their campaigns “on the go”. We create our campaigns from scratch using the business suite on a laptop however and campaign tweaks can be made via the app really easily. You also can receive in-depth stats, such as the all-important demographics, which creatives are most popular, which allows you to make marketing decisions “on the go”.A very useful app and something that is quite addictive when you can see your conversions in real-time, and instant results to any amends you make to campaigns.

Business Suite – Facebook Community Management

Another obvious one. With Business Suite you can create, schedule, and edit Facebook posts. It also allows you to stay on top of Facebook comments and any messages your page receive – when your customers message you, that is your window of opportunity to engage.

Canva – Content Creation

Looking for some useful design templates to help transform your messaging across Social Media? Canva is an app that is perfect for this and you can create images, gifs and videos all from your mobile phone and upload directly to your marketing channels. There are plenty of free templates to choose from but you can pay a upgrade to more advance templates – or simply create your own from scratch!

Google AdWords

Yes, you can manage your Google AdWords on the go too – although we do find making tweaks to campaigns is easier on desktop. What is good about the Google AdWords app, is that you can receive notifications when your campaigns optimisation scores changes and view any recommendations to improve campaigns – however, it’s best to make your changes where to have more control – which is definitely on a desktop rather than through the app.

Live Chat

Live Chat can now be “on the go” too so you can be on hand to your customers out of hours. If you find that most of your website visits is in the afternoon/evening, then being contactable during these times may be important for your business. A good Live Chat tool which has a very good rated app is SmartsUpp.

Google Analytics

One final one, why not try the Google Analytics app? Ok, it’s not as powerful as being able to make changes to campaigns in real-time, however it is a quick way to identify any spikes or unusual activity on the website so you can intervene quickly when needed – or contact teams who are on hand to help.

Not that we’re advertising to work out of hours, but like most businesses, consumers are most active out of the usual 9-5 working hours, so marketing “on the go” is definitely worth considering. We encourage it with our clients at UKExpertDigital and forms part of our marketing strategy for all campaigns we deliver.

James Robbins
James Robins

Head of Marketing



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