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Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing has become a very crucial part of digital marketing and worth talking about. Statistics show that 83 percent of marketers have confirmed that, ‘video is more important than ever’. This would be due to its ability of increasing conversions and its capacity to reach a wider audience which in turn would increase profit for businesses. According to, ‘ 81 percent of marketers have said that, video has helped them directly increase sales’ and 86 percent of marketers have confirmed that ‘videos has helped them gain leads’.

What is Video content marketing?

Video Content Marketing is when a business or brand chooses to raise their profile through a video. This is usually done through platforms such as YouTube or social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and TikTok, where people have the opportunity of commenting and sharing what they watch. One of its great advantages is that it could be used for B2B or B2C and even C2C. Over the past 12 months, you have seen Instagram & Facebook adapt to the growth of Video Content Marketing due to the growth of TikTok & Reels. As mentioned above, video content Marketing is a very powerful tool to use when trying to reach out to a wide audience and has the potential to gain massive brand awareness & engagement If done correctly.

Here’s 5 main reasons why it should be used:

1)  Easy to produce and could be done in different ways:

-  In recent times, people can now make a video, edit it and upload it within a couple of minutes though their own phones or tablets. It usually doesn’t require too much effort or time as you have everything you need all in one. You also have the option to create the videos in various forms such as reels where you have multiple of options of how you wish your video to look like. You no longer need a media agency to create an impact using video marketing.

2) One of the best ways to reach people:

-  With the rise of YouTube and TikTok, people engage with brands more via videos than they would through text. It has been reported that a billion videos are watched per day through YouTube, which means it’s almost a given that if a video is well done, it has the potential to reach a bigger audience.

3) A fun way of promoting your business/brand:

- Creating a video is usually fun and entertaining. You have full control of making your video amusing and enjoyable to those you are promoting it to and enjoy the process of making it. It gives you a license to make a serious topic engaging and pleasurable to watch for your audience which could result to a trend if done well (which is what you want).

4) It may not cost you anything:

- Whilst some projects may cost you money to buy equipment to shoot a video, on many occasions you won’t need to. Most things are available online or even built-in apps where you could use features such as props or editing tools to create top quality content. Therefore, this could mean having a good return on investments as you barely spend anything but gain much more.

5) Good for SEO:

- The popularity of videos is well and truly known by Google and therefore rewarded. Google know that people are interesting in videos and therefore are more likely to rank your page higher if you have videos on your webpage (in relation to the topic that’s being search).

To conclude, if you wish to improve your engagement rates and potentially increase your ROI, now is the time to implement video marketing in your campaign strategies. If Video Content Marketing is not something your business does, it’s worth looking into. As you read our article on Google Algorithm Updates, you’ll find that the new updates from Google includes ranking websites with videos higher than the ones without. As time goes, people are becoming less interested in content writing then they are in images.

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