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What Is Gratitude Marketing

Section 1

Why We Should Use Gratitude Marketing

Section 2

How Gratitude Marketing Has Been Used

Section 3

Ways We Can Use Gratitude Marketing

Why We Should Use Gratitude Marketing

To most business owners, the phrase ‘thank you’ becomes so natural that they hardly have to think before saying it. This is often said to customers after purchasing an item in their store or potential customers who may have simply shown interest to buy a product.  Gratitude could also be shown to member of staff for their hard work and determination to keep them encouraged. Whatever the reason it is being used for, the idea behind this is to let the other party know how much they are appreciated and to build a potential long-lasting relationship and trust. 

Despite being considered as one of the basic techniques to keep customers loyal and happy, online businesses often fail to show their gratitude to customers online. It is fair to say that the main focus for most online businesses is to create leads and increase their conversion rate for the success of their business. However, the concept of gratitude marketing is to move from the aspect of sales and advertising and to create an authentic connection with your customers. 

How Gratitude Marketing Has Been Used

Just like most (If not all), business owners wish to create a long-lasting relationship with every customer that walk in their stores, customers online are no different. An article by a Web content strategist gives us an idea of how much of an impact a simple ‘thank you’ can have on customers. It was shown that after sending 50 tweets of gratitude around 26% of people she thanked ended up following her page (Which in turn would increase the exposure of her content and lur in more consumers).  

It is important to understand that showing gratitude digitally humanises your relationship with the customer and allows them to connect with you more. With many businesses showing gratitude through perks such as discounts, membership cads etc (which is great), without saying the phrase ‘thank you’ could often lose that special message that the customer is cared for and appreciated for their loyalty.  

Here’s a couple of ways you can show gratitude

Social Media Posts 

As mentioned, a simple post on social media saying ‘thank you’ for following you and engaging to your content is always a great start to show gratitude to your customers online.  To add to this, you could always tag people personally to add a feeling of intimacy and care.  

Sending Physical Items To Their Address With A Note To Say Thank You  

Whilst discussing how we can show gratitude digitally, it is always good to step away from the digital world from time to time. We cannot deny the power of providing items such as membership cards, T-shirts, coffee Mugs etc to loyal customers and it does not have to stop.  The only thing that would be great to add is to have a note with a few words to say thank you. Doing this should not only increase your brand awareness but also grow your customer’s trust.  

Constant Request For Feedback And Assurance To Make Your Service Better  

People love to know that their opinion matter and constantly want to see improvements in the service they are being provided with. Therefore, it is important to always try to get your customers’ feedback and to always thank them for sharing how they feel and to assure them that you will try to approve improve.  


 Finally, Having Fun and Thanking Them For Joining  

Gamification is something that many businesses have applied to their business models to engage with their customers more. It is to create an online community where customers can interact and have fun. With the likelihood to increase consumers this way, it is important to always show gratitude to those who participate to keep them encouraged which would encourage them to  


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